Wedoo IP your legal partner for the success of your business and marketing projects in Europe and Africa

Wedoo IP guides you from a legal angle to your new projects when you have an innovative idea, a commercial or marketing concept to export to Europe or Africa.

Wedoo IP helps you assess the feasibility of your project and implement the best strategies to protect, optimize and secure your rights in the following fields: Trademarks, Design & Models, Domain Names, Patents, Copyright by adding with the inevitable contractual dimension to it.

Wedoo IP is involved in the selection, coordination and control of local law firms in Europe and Africa.


We enforce your IP rights


We carry out your IP clearance


We optimize your IP value


We protect your IP assets


  • Analyze the IP strategy associated with the targeted countries
  • Check the availability and validity of your creation or invention
  • Conduct prior art searches within trademarks, patents or designs
  • Investigate the viability of your project in the targeted countries
  • Negotiate with local or regional operators to release your project
  • Select local partners depending on your project and add the contractual dimension


  • File your trademarks, designs & models, patents and domain names
  • Renew and maintain your associated and chosen rights
  • Follow the filing procedures until the final registration
  • Report any change of your rights to local registries
  • Respond to notifications issued by the reviewers of local registries
  • Update the protection of your IP titles abroad during your development


  • Monitor and control your IP titles on the associated registries
  • Check the valuation of your IP titles in contractual and legal terms
  • Manage your IP Portfolio with Free Online Access to our platform
  • Legally monitor your targeted countries with an analysis of changes needed
  • Provide training and IP awareness campaign to your teams
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  • Support you within opposition proceedings in attack or in defense
  • Manage any pre-litigation and formal notice/negotiation letters
  • Manage any litigation against counterfeiting and unfair competition
  • Enforce your rights, infringement seizures and raids
  • Adopt real strategies to respect your own rights in every country, particularly in Africa

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