Africa, the continent of the future for investors

Africa is the continent with more countries with strong growth than any other region of the world. It allows investors to have a return on their investment between 20% and 30% thanks to a large number of developing countries, a young population, and the growth in purchasing power that creates new consumption habits.

Why invest in Africa?

  • Population: 1.2 billion, half of whom is under 25
  • Economic Growth Rate: Average 5.8% per annum
  • 17 countries among 54 countries have achieved a growth rate of over 5%
  • Three main regions: French-speaking countries in the West, English-speaking countries in the East and Islamic countries in the North
  • Promising sectors of activity: food, new technologies, tourism, new energies, building, fashion and luxury as well as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
  • African consumption: 50% of expenditure outside food and housing

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