Intellectual property, a driving force of European competitiveness

To date, the European economy is characterized by abundance, in which a multitude of providers wrestle in a limited space. In order to succeed in this hyper-competitive, globalized and dense economic environment, the best strategy is to add value to a product that is differentiated by its innovative nature. This is true to both products and services. This is why intellectual property is one of the key factors of the European economic growth.

Why protect your intellectual property rights in the European Union?

  • A single European application covers 27 countries and more than 500 million inhabitants and corresponds to the costs of only 4 national applications.
  • A guarantee of your IP protection thanks to the European IP Offices and courts being sufficiently reliable and rigorous.
  • 42% of the economic activity is generated by IP-intensive sectors.
  • The average revenue of companies holding IP assets is about 45% higher than those who don’t.
  • IP-intensive sectors represent about 90% of EU imports and exports.
  • Design-intensive sectors contributed to more than € 243 billion to the EU’s foreign trade balance in 2013.
  • A 25% increase in foreign direct investment inflow versus 43% in developing countries.
  • A market still open to competition because of the contrasts still existing between Eastern and Western Europe.

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