A new legal response to your business development. A long-term partnership with selected law firms in Europe and Africa.

Wedoo IP was established by its founders who have more than 30 years of experience in Industrial and Intellectual Property and who have combined their recognized legal experience with their professional practice in this field. Wedoo IP acts as strategy consultants, intermediaries and advisers in Europe and Africa for entrepreneurs, economic operators, advertisers, enterprises and multinational companies.

Wedoo IP was set up in the center of the Asian continent by its founders in the form of an IP Hub in order to mutualize all the customers that they have accompanied for over 30 years in this area to respond to their demands in time without the constraint of time difference between Europe and Africa.


A pragmatic business vision supported by a legal mission tailored to fit your development and prospective project needs in Europe and Africa

  • Anticipate your needs to secure your intellectual property rights;
  • Analyze your rights to choose your type of intellectual property needs;
  • Apply the protection strategy of your rights to fully protect your business;
  • Adapt the contractual strategy associated with your needs from a Business Law perspective;
  • Support your local development to better optimize, defend and enforce your rights;
  • Provide the correct legal response to your network and local partnerships;

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